Top 5 potential crypto currencies with low market capitalization

The crypto currencies market is going through a dip right now. Every dip is a buying opportunity. In our last post, we suggested 5 crypto currencies to buy during this dip. All of those 5 crypto currencies are well established crypto currencies with low risk. In this post we will be suggesting crypto currencies which have the potential to multiply your investment. But of course, the risk involved is also on the higher side. One mistake investors often make while looking for a potential coin that can multiply their earning is seeing the price of the coin. It is not necessary that coin valued at $0.01 can multiply your investment to 5x or 10x. Always check the supply and market capitalization of the coin while searching for the next Shiba Inu. Of course, the real world use of the crypto coin is of utmost important. Let’s go through our top 5 picks of low market cap coins who have the potential to provide 5x-10x gains.

  1. Star Altas Coin: Metaverse and gaming crypto currencies will dominate 2022. Star Altas has both. Star Altas is a virtual game in which multiple players can participate in the metaverse. Gaming assets can be traded on the market place using Star Altas coin. Star Altas development team plans to launch a fully virtual metaverse ecomony where players can trade in real time and battle with each other. This coin has been suggested by many crypto influencers and it ticks all the boxes to be in out multibagger list. The total market capitalization of Star Altas crypto coin is $184 million. I won’t be surprised to see this coin in top 100 crytpo currencies with market capitalization of over a billion dollars.
  2. Livepeer Coin: This coin is developed to significantly reduce the video broadcasting cost of companies such as twitch, youtube or daily motion. The team behind Livepeer coins has already made some partnerships and those who have invested in this coin in 2021 must be already enjoying a fortune. But since the crypto currencies market is going through a consolidation phase, there is an opportunity to grab some Livepeer coins now for a potential 2x or 3x gains from here. Currently, the total market cap of Livepeer coin is $770 million. The coin is undervalued and looking good for medium to long term gains.
  3. Evergrow Coin: The coin was launched in September last year and it has already rewarded its holders with tremendous gains. It is deflationary token which levies 14% tax on all the transactions made in EGC token. 8% of which is then distributed among the holders of Evergrow(EGC) coin. The team behind this coin has already distributed $30 million among its holders. Its supply will decrease over time, making it scarcer. The roadmap of Evergrow coin consists of NFT lending platform, play to earn games, betting pool and much more. With a total market cap of just $59 million, Evergrow coin provides a huge upside potential.
  4. vEmpire DDAO: With a market cap of just over $28 million, this coin can provide good gains in this year. vEmpire DDAO(VEMP) clubs the concept of metaverse and gaming. It also has a NFT collection which can be bought on opensea network. There is already a NFT based trading card game and decentralized DAO under its deck.
  5. Adshares: Like Adsense is for real world, Adshares is for metaverse. If you want to advertise on your virtual space in metaverse, rent your virtual metaverse plot or want to host exhibitions in your virtual metaverse world then Adshares is there for you. With a market cap of just $56 million and seeing the use case of Adshares only sky is the limit.

Although these coins are potential candidates for 5x-10x of investment but since these all are low market cap coins and traded with lower volumes. This makes them a high risk investment. Investment is crypto currencies is only for those who are willing to take risk. DYOR (Do your own research) before making a decision.

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