Top 5 crypto currencies to buy in this dip

This New Year has not been so happy for crypto investors. After moving in a tight range of $2.20-$2.30 trillion for a about a week, the total market cap of crypto currencies suffered a blow again and now the total market capitalization of the crypto currencies is below $2 trillion. During last year, total market capitalization almost touched $3 trillion. The crypto market is down almost 30% from its ATH(all time high). The Bitcoin itself is down 38% from its ATH. The important question now is whether one should buy this dip? Where is this crypto market headed? Should you buy now or wait for the crypto market to fall further? What are the coins to invest now? Let’s try to answer all your questions.

It’s always beneficial to buy the dip. The market has been going downwards continuously after, after reaching its ATH during the month of October, 2021. If you are looking to invest now in crypto market, divide your investment in three parts 35-35-30. Invest 35% now and save rest of your funds in case the crypto market goes for a dive again. Let’s take a look at the potential coins to buy now-

  1. Solana: This coin is hard to ignore for any crypto enthusiastic. Solana is trading at $145 at the time of writing this post and it is in buying range at this moment. Its 44% down from its ATH. Solana will be recover very fast, in case the crypto market starts to recover. Solana may touch $180 in a month or two. Tis makes for an impressive 23% gains from its currently traded price. As Solana is rival coin to Ethereum but with better smart contract capabilities, faster processing of transactions with low fees when compared to Ethererum, we expect Solana coin will continue its growth journey this year too.
  2. Axis Infinity: The popular gaming coin Axis Infinity has suffered the most in current crypto market dip. Axis Infinity is trading at $75 now down from its ATH of $165. You can buy Axis Infinity now and it is likely to touch $100 pretty soon. Long tern investors can buy and hold this coin for $150 by the end of this year.
  3. Polkadot: Inmy opinion, Polkadot will beat Ethereum at some time. Currently it is trading at $25 down 55% from its all time high price of $55.One can buy polkadot for a potential target of $32 within two months.
  4. The Sandbox: Metaverse is trending right now. Virtual land purchases, virtual shops, virtual musical concerts and all that you can do in real world is happening or will soon happen in Metaverse. All the celebrities are cashing in the opportunity to be a part of Metaverse. Sandbox a poplar Metaverse coin is now trading at $5 and we can see the coin at $7 very sson. Sandbox has also announced its plan to launch a Metaverse Mega City soon. We recommend to buy and hold Sandbox as this coin has huge upside potential.
  5. Enjin Coin: Another gaming coin which is available at a discount now. Recently, we have covered Enjin Coin as one of our investment. It is currently trading at $2.40. We can see this coin at $3 at any time soon which is an impressive 25% gain from its current price. But seeing the potential of the gaming industry and the current market capitalization of Enjin Coin, it has the potential to provide 1000% gains from here.

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