Price prediction for Star Atlas coin 2022

The gaming industry has changed completely after the introduction of blockchain into it. Now the virtual gaming assets can be owned by the players in a real sense. These virtual assets can be exchanged for real currency. There are many promising gaming projects based on blockchain and some of them are doing well. We will keep you updated with the best metaverse gaming projects. One of the most fascinating projects among them is Star Atlas. Let’s have a look on Star Atlas metaverse game and our opinion on the price of the native currency of the game:

  1. Star Atlas Metaverse Game: As discussed in our earlier posts , 2022 is going to be a great year for crypto coins based on gaming and metaverse. Star Atlas is one such project. Star Altas metaverse game provides a really good gaming experience to the players. The gameplay included cinematic graphics. Star Atlas game is set in the future in 2620. In the year 2620 humans have colonized and developed stars. There are 3 factions- humans, aliens and sentient andriods. When you start to play, you are free to choose among the three. The game revolves around controlling the universe. All three factions are fighting for power and resources. To win you have to discover new worlds, mine resources, conquer quests, trade with other players, construct buildings and ships etc. In our opinion, this is the most developed metaverse game available till now. Even if you are not into cryptocurrencies but love gaming, you should try on your hands at this superb game.
  2. Price prediction for Star Atlas coin: There are two native currencies of the Star Atlas metaverse game: Star Atlas Coin and POLIS. Star Atlas is the main in-game currency that can be used to buy assets within the game. POLIS is the governance coin for this game which is used for governance decisions regarding the game. The Star Atlas coin is currently trading at $0.06. The coin has a circulating supply of 2.16 billion and the current market capitalization for the Star Atlas coin is $131.50 million. The coin has gained 20% today only as the cryptocurrencies market has witnessed a very sharp recovery and we are most likely in the bull market now. Even if we consider the total market capitalization of the Star Atlas coin to reach $500 million which is very much possible since the project is very good. You can easily find the price of the Star Atlas coin at $0.24 by the end of 2022. This will increase your portfolio by 4x.  

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