Price prediction for Bitgert 2022

The cryptocurrencies are again witnessing a bloodbath. This bloodbath is not only in the cryptocurrencies market but in share markets over the world as well. The global conditions are such that all investments are going down. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is one of the major reasons for the bloodbath. The situation is likely to continue until this conflict is resolved. Inflation is at an all-time high. High inflation results in reducing the purchasing and investment capacity of the general public. Because of high inflation, fresh money is not coming into the crypto market. So if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies or share markets, for the time being, you should avoid it. Currently, the total cryptocurrencies market capitalization is $1.80 trillion. There may be another 10-15% dip from here in my point of view. You should wait a bit before purchasing any cryptocurrency right now. Bitcoin has also fallen below $40000 after breaching $45000. Things will improve in 2022 but February and March months are not looking good for making any kind of investments.
There is one cryptocurrency that is making some noise right now. We are talking about Bitgert. Initially, Bitgert was launched on Binance Smart Chain. But recently, it has launched its own BRC20 blockchain. This blockchain is offering some unmatched features. First of all, there is zero gas fee. Secondly, the blockchain is faster than that of Solana. Thirdly, the BRC20 blockchain can handle 100000 transactions per second. The developers behind the project are working hard and more interesting projects are lined up. The team behind the project will be coming up with NFT marketplace, Web3 and DEX projects.
Currently, Bitgert is trading at $0.00000042.It has already delivered tremendous gains during this month. The price of bitgert has shot up from $0.00000016 to $0.00000048. During February alone, it has delivered 300% returns and this may just be the beginning. The current market cap of Bitgert coin is $0.18 billion. Considering the features that BRC20 blockchain offers and interesting products that are lined up, we can expect the total market capitalization of Bitgert to touch at least $1 billion. This is one potential coin that can provide 5x to 7x returns. Solana blockchain has been facing many problems recently. There is a possibility that new projects may opt for the BRC20 blockchain. We are not expecting Bitgert to deliver returns similar to Shiba Inu as such returns are very rare even in the case of cryptocurrencies. Still, Bitgert is a very potential coin and tremendous growth is possible.
You must be thinking what is the right price to buy Bitgert? In my opinion, there is a possibility that Bitgert may consolidate up to $0.00000035 before making any move upwards. But still, you should do your own research and invest according to your risk appetite. Cryptocurrencies are very high-risk investments. We are expecting 2022 a good year for cryptocurrencies. It may be not as good as 2021 but you can surely make money out of cryptocurrencies.
Tell us at what price you have bought Bitgert or whether you are planning to buy Bitgert in the comment section.

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