How to buy Bitgert on Pancakeswap?

Two days before only in our recent post we discuss the Bitgert coin and its price prediction. At that time it was trading at $0.00000042. Within a day Bitgert has surged to $0.00000072. Bitgert has gained over 70% within 24 hours. Bull run for Bitgert may just be started. All those who have bought Bitgert after reading our post must be happy right now. Those who couldn’t buy Bitgert for any reason, we are going to tell you how you can grab some of these coins:

Download Trust Wallet: 

First, you should get the trust wallet. It is available for both Android and Apple devices. Just head over to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download Trust wallet. After downloading it, you will be provided a 12-word keyphrase. You should write these down somewhere and store them very carefully. Because once you have lost your device, you can get access to your trust wallet only through these 12 words key phrases.

Buy BNB:

After downloading the trust wallet, you have to buy some BNB. The minimum amount is $50. Once you enter the amount, the wallet will show you some third-party crypto provider. Choose one of these crypto providers and enter your card details to buy BNB. Alternatively, you can transfer BNB from other wallets or exchanges if you have some already.

Link Trust wallet & Pancakeswap:

Now you have to link your Trust Wallet with Pancakeswap Exchange so that you can buy Bitgert or Brise from Pancakeswap exchange with the BNB available in your Trust wallet. Here are the steps to connect the trust wallet to exchange:

  1. Click on DApps at the bottom of your Trust Wallet app.
  2. Scroll down and you will find Defi, Here, click on Pancakeswap.
  3. Click on connect wallet and then click on trust wallet.

You have now connected your Trust wallet to Pancakeswap Exchange.

Buying Bitgert(BRISE) coin:

On the exchange page click on cake, you will be prompted to put the name of the coin or address. Go to coinmarket cap and search for Bitgert. Copy the contact address and paste it into the trust wallet. Click on import. Click on I understand and then again click on import. Go to the settings icon and put slippage tolerance to 12%. Enter the amount with which you want to buy. After that click on swap and then confirm swap. Approve the transaction.

You will see the Brise tokens in your wallet. You should keep holding your Bitgert(Brise) tokens. They have the potential to provide exceptional returns.

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