Good price range to buy Bitgert

Bitgert coin is currently one of the most talked-about coins right now. Fabulous bullish run since the past 7 days is the reason behind it. In one of our recent posts, we had predicted 5x to 7x returns for Bitgert coin during this year. At that time Bitgert was trading at $0.00000042. Bitgert touched $0.000001849. It has almost done a 5x since that post. Whoever has bought Bitgert on our call must have made a fortune right now.

There are several factors behind this bull run. Bitgert blockchain is live. Bitgert blockchain is one of the first gasless chains. Many crypto projects are facing the issue of high gas fees. The applications and projects which are running on the Ethereum network are paying the highest fees. Every now and then we hear the news of launching Ethereum 2.0 to address the issue of high gas fees but the launch is getting delayed every time. Many developers may move their projects to low-cost blockchains such as Solana and Bitgert. Another reason for Bullrun is the launch of Bitgert Exchange. The Bitgert exchange is in the Beta stage but the team behind Bitgert is delivering the projects at a good pace.

Now the question arises what about those who have missed the train? Those people who couldn’t buy Bitgert previously, whether they should wait for the dip? Is the dip coming? What is the good price range to buy bitgert? Bitgert touched $0.000001849 and consolidated till $0.000001030. It has again moved to $0.0000015. Now since it has already done almost 5x since our last call, investing now at this price range is very risky. Daily volume in Bitgert has touched almost $30 million one time and now it’s around $10 million. When the Bitgert was going down to $0.000001030, I was expecting it to hover around this price at least for some time but it quickly gained at price. It indicates that buyers are waiting to get in.

But Bitgert is a running train and may be avoided at the present price. It is trading at $0.0000015 now and it is hard to predict whether it is poised to shoot up or down. If possible if you are not invested in Bitgert, you should wait. Fresh buy should be between $0.000001 to $0.0000012. Bitgert should come in this range soon. Those who are holding Bitgert can continue to hold as many new exciting projects are going to be launched on Bitgert Blockchain. Currently, there are 110k holders of Bitgert. Baby Doge coin has over 1.14 million holders and Shiba Inu has over 1.1 million holders. The scope is still there for Bitgert for any upside move.
We will keep continuing to dig for projects like Bitgert. Did you invest in Bitgert after reading our post? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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